tuProlog-Based Plug-in for SADL-IDE

An Eclipse plug-in containing a prolog translator/reasoner pair for the SADL-IDE is available as Open Source software under the Eclipse Public License. The reasoner uses tuProlog, which cannot be bundled with the SADL plug-in because of license restrictions. A separate update site is available for a release of the SADL-IDE complete with this plug-in.

Note: the tuProlog Eclipse plug-in (Version 2.9.1) should be installed prior to installing the SADL-IDE.

To install the SADL-IDE with the Prolog Reasoner Plug-in, do the following.

  1. If not already installed, install Java 1.7 from http://www.java.com  (Java 1.7 required!). (See How to check Java Version.)
  2. Download and install Eclipse Kepler (Eclipse Standard 4.3.x) from http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ .
  3. Install the tuProlog Eclipse Plug-in. Start Eclipse Kepler, go to Help -> Install New Software. Click on Add... to create a new tuProlog update site with location http://tuprolog.googlecode.com/svn/2p-plugin/trunk/tuPrologUpdateSite/. Click OK, select the tuProlog 2.9.1 feature, accept the license agreement, confirm installation and restart.
  4. Install the SADL-IDE with the Prolog Reasoner Plug-in. Click on Add... to create the new SADL-IDE with Prolog update site with Location http://sadl.sourceforge.net/kepler/prolog/update/. Click OK to install the SADL-IDE. Select all features, accept the license agreement, confirm installation and restart.
  5. Note that the Eclipse workspace path must NOT have any spaces or other non-URL compatible characters. If needed, switch to a different workspace on a valid (Unix-compatible) path (File -> Switch Workspace).
  6. The performance of the SADL-IDE is highly dependent upon the amount of memory available to the application. If running in a 32-bit environment, the memory available to the Java Virtual Machine is inherently limited to not much more than 1 GB and may be less. On 64-bit machines with lots of memory, the allocation to the JVM for Eclipse can be made much larger. To change the maximum memory available, edit the "eclipse.ini" file in the "eclipse" folder where you installed Eclipse. Change the line "-Xmx512m" (normal default setting) to something larger, e.g., "-Xmx4096m" (64-bit) or "-Xmx1024m" (32-bit).
  7. To verify that the Prolog Plug-in is working properly in the SADL-IDE, open a SADL (Xtext) project or create a new one. Then right-click on the project in the Project Explorer view and select Properties. Expand the Sadl item in the left-pane list of the dialog and click on Reasoner Preferences. The right-side "Available reasoners" pane should be populated and should include "tu-Prolog_Reasoner". Once that is checked the "Available translators" pane should contain "tu-Prolog_Translator". This should also be checked for a project using the Prolog Plug-in.