The Web Ontology Language (OWL) is an important, widely used semantic modeling language. Models in OWL provide a robust foundation upon which semantic rules can be added to capture additional domain knowledge.

The Semantic Application Design Language (SADL) provides an English-like language for building semantic models and authoring rules. The SADL Integrated Development Environment (SADL-IDE) is an Eclipse plug-in for editing, maintaining, and managing models, rules, tests, and queries expressed in SADL. By default the SADL-IDE uses the Jena reasoner/rules engine and a SADL to Jena translator to save models as OWL files and rules in Jena rule format. However, the SADL-IDE is designed to accept any translator/reasoner pair conforming to the SADL plug-in architecture so models and rules can be saved to the required format for any target reasoner. This will permit applications to use Jena, Pellet, OntoBroker™, AllegroGraph™, or whatever reasoner provides the best reasoning capability for the domain.

New! Introducing SADL Version 3

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